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In June 2009 a "new" Triad member asked:

  1. I notice that when doing a Bardic Circle, Triad participants enter from the west. Is this customary?

  2. In Triad rites, I notice that members walk counterclockwise. Is this part of the "Triad Tradition?"

  3. How many "degrees" are there in Triad and what are the qualifications?

Emrys' reply:

Triad's roots, we would like to think, stem from ancient cultures and shamanic ideas. So there is a mix of things from many places, including what Spirit brought us to that is indicative of this "tradition." For example, Bards entering from the West is a Druidic tradition, as was taught by pre-popular Druids of today. I learned that in my early studies from some elderly sources. But do we really know? The counter-clockwise thing is from Spirit and there are many attributes to that and I will have to sit down with you and talk about such things. There are many levels involved. Funny how many groups were not doing that before Serphant and I started it with Triad all those years ago. Now you will find more groups doing that. It brings Spirit close and into Itself for the spring and/or the launch of energies. When we did things, it just "happened" many times, because we all were/are able to step aside and let Spirit guide us.

Present notes: We really do not know for certain what was performed close to the beginning of doing rites. My research has taken me to information that can only go back to a certain point. I do believe that ancient cultures did what was necessary to survive, and fell into experiences that seemed to work for them. There were ebbs and flows of rigidity and adaptability. Too often most "mythos" adopt a deity or practice that suits the needs, and negate those of others, placing one above the other. That is a human trait; to compare, pick, affirm. With Triad we have always tried to allow each individual to empower himself or herself and join in the collective consciousness of all. Hence Triad has always been more eclectic and the adage "All Paths are welcome" or "There are many Paths to the Source." We do not feel that we should try to restrict Deity, Spirit, God, etc. And those who tended to practice a certain Path w/o allowing for others to do so have found Triad somewhat diverse and perhaps muddy! Expression of Spirit is a personal thing, and we attempted to inspire each person's creative Path. The creative spirit of each person is important, therefore respect for all involved is paramount.

Triad really did not have degrees as such. There were more rigorous rites of passage enacted throughout history/herstory and in our own lifetime it appears that most persons do not attain degrees in the same manner as some of us had. Much of the "secret knowledge" has been uncovered or granted; even at times prematurely. For example when I was involved in a more traditional Wiccan/Pagan training, one never thought of using the term "Lady" or "Lord" in front of a craft name until that person attained Eldership. With the Triad "tradition", many of us our eclectic and do not limit Spirit, and do not even use those prefixes. One will note that those who wore the mantles of Christianity, Hinduism, various forms of shamanism, etc. were happily supportive of the beliefs and growth of all under Triad's umbrella. There are various stages of maturity that are addressed, however, and it is the opinion of the mentor to decide where a person is that depends on any affirmation of attainability. Also, it is not necessarily a linear development. Normally when one was to be "barded", a mentor or advisor would talk to Serphant or me and we would support the affirmation or stipulate more investigation or training.

Also, bear in mind that affirmations do not stop at the 3rd degree. There are many milestones in a person's life and she or he may desire these affirmations to help enhance their development. It is like having a "quickening"" that is necessary to propel a person to be able to self-empower to a higher vibration.

Triad enhanced itself as well as aspirants joined the fold. It developed into a more collective and self-empowering mantle. It did have its bumps along the way when people who were inspired to become members attempted to categorize it into a more traditional bardic organization. For example, when several people were "barded" I had asked a person to assist with the affirmation who was not a formal member---however, he was a person I knew I could entrust with integrity and respectfulness. A rite, an organization, a belief system is made up of trust and respect as well as balance. For the most part, Triad members expounded that. Now many groups are doing this. Triad was always, it seems, a little "ahead of the times".

Serphant and I always wanted to embrace the beauty of both worlds; that of tradition, and that of new inspiration. The bottom line was and hopefully still is, to embrace creation and creativity of the Soul and Spirit.

Qualifications? Perhaps words such as Light, Life, Love, Laughter -- and Respect -- may be some of the qualifications to progress in order to make this world a little better. Bring your talents and teach us what will enhance al of us.


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