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A Bard is one who embraces all pursuits in daily action with full acceptance of the burdens of accountability and consequences that allows for incisive decisions and congruent actions. Our tools may be song or story or healing, but the secret empowerment is the same — to be what no other has ever been; to do what no other has ever done.

We are the storykeepers, and we tell the tales. We are the historians, the poets, the songwriters, the singers, the musicians, the drummers. We are warriors for justice, and rememberers of injustice. We are the inciters and the reciters but not the deciders.

Triad Symbol

The Triad Symbol is visually a tree with two clumps of branches and mirror roots totaling twenty-seven (3 filled). It is also a Triskele with each arm a spiraling vortex of energy representing both motion and continuity within the bonding Earth Element. The remaining Elements of Mind, Heart and Spirit are embodied therein as the Bardic call of:

Triad Bardic College is a center of learning where each traveler is both student and teacher. Attendance and participation is "without fee" but at a huge price: a continuous demonstration of respect for all life, conscious or no. While within the embrace of the Collegium one must never proselytize, harm though choice or folly, or judge another's opinions. The Seven Attributes of a Living Bard serve as a guide but are not Rules of Engagement. How you choose to pray is of no concern, but how you treat other people and a tree certainly is. Speak of how you feel and some may listen to what you think. Sing of what you "know to be true" and some might ask of what you believe. Many are called, but few choose.

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